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We have been around for over 25 years. We carry the largest variety of silver jewelry, than just about anyone, anywhere. And We Do Our Best to bring you the Best Quality Jewelry for the Money.

Copyright notice:

All images, names and descriptions of our merchandise plus all other writing are copyrighted items, and are the property of Sabrina Silver. Any duplication without express written permission is strictly forbidden. Buying from us or our parent companies does not give authorization to violate any of the above rights.

For any questions or comments please contact us by email: support@sabrinasilver.com


We exchange once during the first 30 days, at no cost to the customer.


You may return you purchase (in the ORIGINAL CONDITION) for any reason for 30 days after you receive your order, by simply sending it to: Sabrina Silver C/O Returns, 444 S. Hill St. LA, CA 90013

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does Good Quality Silver Tarnish?
A: Yes, It Most Certainly Does. Silver tarnishes, it's not gold. if you leave it out in the air, like in a drawer or on the dresser, it will start to tarnish and it will keep getting darker until it's black. there are certain chemicals that will speed this process, like chlorine bleach which is in the swimming pools, sulfur that is in smog and some peoples perspiration, and salt in the sea air. But the thing about silver is that, you should be able to polish it (if it's not nickel plated) to luster. And there are many commercial products out there you can buy to clean and polish silver. However a solution of warm filtered water with some Baking Soda and salt in an aluminum pan should do the trick in the most environmentally friendly way.

Q: I ordered 3 items, why did I only get one gift box.
A: We do not offer any gift boxes, and we don't charge for them. The box that your goods are sent in, are simply for the protection of the contents, but it just happens to be good enough as a gift box.

Q. How do I exchange a ring for a different size?
A. We exchange once at no cost for up to 30 days after you receive your order. Send it to: Sabrina Silver C/O Exchange, 444 S. Hill St. LA, CA 90013. Plesae make sure to include the corect size instructions.

Q: Why tracking result shows nothing?
A: The Post Office Mostly Scans Packages Only When Delivered.

Q: How Long it Takes to get my order?
A: Usually 3 Days. but with the post office has taken up to 2 weeks. and until then we can not claim insurance.